Nissan Altima Warning Lights

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One of the essential safety and service features of your Nissan sedan is your Nissan Altima warning lights, which provide details on any maintenance issues you might encounter on Huntington Park roads. With visual indicators like different colored warning lights and a range of codes and symbols, you can easily decipher what service, inspections, or replacements your Nissan sedan needs to operate properly for years to come. Learn more about what your Nissan Altima warning lights mean, and be sure to schedule your next service visit with our experts at Nissan of Downtown L.A.. 

Nissan Altima Warning Lights: Colors 

As you drive your sedan through Los Angeles streets, your Nissan Altima warning lights will either flash yellow or red, with each indicating the severity of your vehicle issue and whether your vehicle is safely operable. See what the difference is between your yellow and red Nissan warning lights and what they mean below:

Yellow Warning Lights: 

  • This is a sign of a malfunction that does not necessarily need to be fixed immediately. 
  • You can still drive your vehicle for a limited amount of time. 
  • Be sure to schedule your service visit or bring it to your local dealer as soon as possible.

Red Warning Lights: 

  • This means that your vehicle should be inspected immediately. 
  • Your vehicle will not be fit to drive, and you should stop or pull over right away. 
  • Have your vehicle towed, or if possible, safely bring it to your local dealer service center.

Nissan Altima Warning Lights: Symbols

In addition to easily identifiable colors associated with your Nissan Altima warning lights, there are a range of symbols that will help you further locate the issue in your sedan. These various indicators represent various safety and performance features found in your vehicle and provide you with an update on how well they are functioning and operating. Here’s a breakdown of the various symbols found on your vehicle dashboard and what they mean: 

  • ABS symbol: Anti-lock braking system warning light
  • BRAKE symbol: Brake warning light
  • Car battery symbol: Charge warning light
  • Oil can symbol: Engine oil pressure warning light
  • Gas pump symbol: Low gas level warning light
  • Exclamation point symbol: Tire pressure warning light
  • Windshield wiper symbol: Low windshield washer fluid level
  • Exclamation point inside triangle symbol: Master warning light
  • Steering wheel with an exclamation point: Power Steering warning light
  • Vehicle symbol with a key: Security indicator light
  • Circle with an A over the word HOLD: Automatic brake hold indicator light
  • Person with seat belt symbol: Seat belt warning light
  • Person with ball symbol: Airbag warning light

Service Your Nissan Altima at Nissan of Downtown L.A.

Now that you know more about what your Nissan Altima warning lights mean, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to service your Nissan sedan and get back on Los Angeles roads. Explore more helpful Nissan service guides at Nissan of Downtown L.A., and save on your next visit with our selection of service and parts specials and discounts. Get more information on your Nissan Altima warning lights, and contact us to schedule your next maintenance appointment at our dealership right here in Los Angeles!