All About the California Clean Fuel Reward

2022 Nissan LEAF charging

Saving the environment. Shrinking your carbon footprint. Saving a ton on fuel costs. There are lots of benefits to buying or leasing an electric vehicle. Did you know you can also get a rebate of up to $750 through the California Clean Fuel Reward (CCFR)? What is the California EV rebate? How can you qualify for it? Let’s find some answers by taking a detailed look at the California Clean Fuel rebate and how Los Angeles drivers can take advantage of it.

What is the California Clean Fuel Rebate?

The California Clean Fuel Reward, or CCFR for short, was created by the State of California as an incentive for drivers to buy or purchase electric or hybrid cars. The goal is to reduce emissions and their negative impact on the environment by reducing the number of cars with conventional gas engines on our Huntington Park roads. Any resident of the state who buys or purchases a qualifying electric or hybrid vehicle qualifies for the California EV rebate of up to $750.

How to Qualify for the California Clean Fuel Reward

Qualifying for the CCFR is easy. South Gate drivers simply need to pick a qualifying car to purchase or lease from a participating dealership, like Nissan of Downtown L.A.. We will take care of the rest. One impressive car that qualifies for the California Clean Fuel rebate is the Nissan LEAF. Here are the highlights of this car:

2022 Nissan LEAF Highlights

  • Up to 114 MPGe in the city
  • Range of 226 miles on one charge
  • Battery size of 40 KWh with a 62 KWh battery option

Other Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The California EV rebate isn’t the only way to save when you make an electric vehicle your next car. Ask your utilities provider if they offer EV rebates or electric vehicle charger discounts. You can find even more incentives and benefits at the government’s Drive Clean website.

Talk to Nissan of Downtown L.A. About the California Clean Fuel Reward

It’s easy to benefit from the California Clean Fuel Reward when you buy or purchase the Nissan Leaf from Nissan of Downtown L.A.. Just pick up your car, and we do the rest, including processing all the paperwork for your rebate. And to make it even easier, we let you get pre-approved for financing online. We’re just down the road from Bell Gardens. So, drop by or contact us today.

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