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Nissan Leaf Specialist

Paul Scott, Nissan LEAF Specialist

Paul Scott, a lifelong environmental advocate, co-founded Plug In America (PIA) in 2005 to galvanize support and advocate for the manufacture of Electric Vehicles and plug-in hybrids that reduce America's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. As one of the leading nonprofit organization's most visible leaders, he is regularly interviewed by global media and consults with auto industry officials, consumers and local, state and federal policymakers to advance clean-car technology. He is a regularly featured speaker at national conventions, universities, schools and elsewhere.

Paul helped create DontCrush.com, PIA's predecessor, a grassroots group that single-handedly prevented some 1,000 production EVs from being destroyed by the auto companies that manufactured them. His work with both groups has included campaign strategy, research, planning and execution. He is among the key figures featured in "Who Killed the Electric Car?" the 2006 documentary distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, and has been filmed and consulted for the follow up, "Revenge of the Electric Car" (currently in release).

Paul works professionally for Nissan of Downtown LA as an EV Specialist selling the new LEAF EV. He also works as a consultant for SolarCity, the nation's leading residential solar installation firm. He owned a 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV for eight years and currently owns a 2011 Nissan LEAF, which he drives on sunshine generated by the photovoltaic panels on his roof in Santa Monica. Paul is a past President of the Electric Vehicle Assn. of Southern California and a founding board member of Plug In America.

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